things i’m loving right now;

1. “i’m going down” by vampire weekend.


if i had a nickel for everytime i played this song and imagined ezra koenig was my manfriend, well let’s just say i wouldn’t need a day job and i wouldn’t be so sad that ezra koenig is still not my manfriend call me, ezra.

2. my proximity to a trader’ joes store.  and their face wipes. and their pink lemonade.


can you say, guacamole hummus?

i can’t, because i have a mouthful of it in my mouth at this very moment. i never said i was lady like.

 3. gallivanting around boston common.

with the book “high fidelity” in my hand, a long flowy skirt, and my liz lemon glasses for people watching purposes, i call that a perfect day in the common.

4. reconnecting with my youth.

living with one of your best friends has its perks. besides addictions to parks and rec on netflix, we also see eye to eye on what children’s movies we like to see before we go to sleep. last night’s pick was “the swan princess”. it was beyond amazing. i have no shame. i’m pushing for “bedknobs and broomsticks" for tomorrow night.

and just saying…natalie portman? more like odette 4 lyf.

5. pinspiration. as in, pinterest inspiration (i’m a bit addicted).

i was actually going to put “googling pictures of darren criss. and miniature animals.” as this last one, but i’ll be good for now.

i think i have a problem.


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