thanks boston;

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business women in pencil skirts and tennis shoes. walks on comm. ave.  the tempting of frozen lemonade in boston common. dolling myself in my sunday best for church on park street. brownstones and fenway gardens greeting me on my walk home. this noah and the whales song guiding me through the streets on repeat. catching the glances of various bros on the t. fighting the swarms of asian tourists to find myself a plot of grass to sit upon in harvard yard.

it’s really starting to feel like home.


4 thoughts on “thanks boston;

  1. oh how i love Boston. a part of my heart lives there. and surely, you must know how i feel about Noah and the Whale. they make everything better.

  2. Boston looks absolutely lovely. One of my friends lives there and she was just saying this week that summer has finally arrived and it’s so nice to be outside, enjoying the sun rather than walking through a wall of snow.

    Look at that ivy-covered church! Everything looks perfect. I love it when a strange city starts to feel like home. Enjoy it.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I’m so glad you did because now I’ve found yours. Visually pleasing and well-written. Your text conversations with your mother are hilarious.

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