classiness and the fourth of july;

broston 042

broston 052

broston 057

i had the great pleasure to spend my fourth of july on a frat house roof overlooking the charles river.

i should mention that this frat house was filled with boys from the massachusetts institute of technology, because for some reason the combination of “m.i.t.” + “frat house” cracks me up every time.

i imagine they have drinking games that involve graphing calculators. or play beer pong with graduated cylinders.*

needless to say, it was the greatest. and if the sloppy video of me adjusting my chair while watching fireworks, meowing at the end of it, and yelling the phrases “aw heeeelll yes” and “that was the foreplay[of the fireworks display]?”** doesn’t prove it, then i don’t know what will.


*i crack myself up.

**i never said i was classy.


2 thoughts on “classiness and the fourth of july;

  1. hahaha, graphing calculator drinking games. you crack me up too. i love the photographs!! sounds like you had a great fourth!!
    maybe you could seduce neville and take him to one of those parties. rawr.

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