boston, you spoil me;

broston 001edit

broston 002edit

broston 008edit  broston 003edit broston 009edit broston 027edit 

finding cupcake trucks with your bff. and treating yourself to one, or three;

going on dates with a nice boy who takes you to a pretty library. swoon.

realizing that because you work at a cupcake bakery and children’s bookstore, you are basically living the life of a cartoon character.

italian men at the farmers markets yelling about the mothers of other italian men. hilarity ensues. and i was just wanting strawberries, but i got an episode of “the sopranos” with them, too.

harry potter premieres. where i might have cried six times. in my purple tonks wig. no shame.

i could definitely get used to this.



3 thoughts on “boston, you spoil me;

  1. Library dates? He sounds like a keeper. As does the cupcake job.

    And yes to your comment on my blog! I want to shout at the serious-about-tights girls too. Or the ones who do that weird pose where their body is slightly twisted at the waist, one knee is bent, and they’re looking down, with quite the forlorn expression on their face. I mean, COME ON. It’s so ridiculous.

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