almost too pleasant;

{me with the most perfect pea while dinner-making with bff. it was a good night, the glitter effect suggests}

two jobs that i absolutely adore; i end up exhausted at the end of the day, covered in cupcake frosting and filled with stories about cute things that little kids ask me for.

a boy that takes me late night pool-hopping. and into forbidden libraries. and on carousels. and didn’t even complain those times that i spent an hour describing the plot of “point break” and “harry potter and the deathly hallows” to him. he was living in ignorance, after all.

late night homemade dinners of pad thai and san francisco style ramen noodle bowls with best friend. especially when air bud comes on when we sit down to gorge ourselves on noodles.

getting the financial aid i need for school for fall. which means i get to browse course catalogs at my new school with glee. and get school supplies. and color code everything. and hopefully get some lisa frank folders, just for good measure.


i’m almost afraid to jinx all of this pleasantry. it’s almost too pleasant. but i’m going to run around the city of boston with it clutched in my hands. because for now, it’s all mine.


7 thoughts on “almost too pleasant;

  1. Go ahead and enjoy all of the good things that are occurring your life. You deserve it!

    Lisa Frank takes me back to the 4th grade. LOL. Talk about nostalgia.

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