cupcake scurvy;

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over the past weeks of working at a local cupcake bakery, i’ve self-appointed myself as the honorary “angel of diabetes” of boston. i close most nights there, which means many sad, little cupcakes that don’t have a home.

needless to say, when i can’t pawn them off to the rogue gentleman or homeless people or my roommates, they make their home in….my stomach.

also needless to say*, “breakfast” usually consists of…a cupcake. and lunch….also can include a cupcake. and a free drink from a local business that i bartered with….cupcakes.

i’ve joked with my co-workers at my other job (50 hour work weeks between two jobs also doesn’t help with my all-cupcake diet) that it is only a matter of time before i get “cupcake scurvy”. i realized i should probably meet a vegetable or two when i realized the only fruit i had eaten that week was a raspberry atop my favorite cupcake, the lemon raspberry.

so if you see a uber-smiley red head bumbling around cambridge , looking dazed and running after her shadow, just give me an orange and leave me be . that’s just me in a diabetic shock and sick with cupcake scurvy.

nothing out of the ordinary.

*my grammatical skills have also been temporarily impaired.


6 thoughts on “cupcake scurvy;

  1. This is so cute!!! Seriously, eat a vegetable, but hey cupcake scurvy isn’t the worst way to go, girl. My sister worked at a candy store for a couple years and I’m preeeetty sure her blood was about 30% fructose syrup by the end. xo

  2. Yay bakery jobs! The number one question I used to get was: How are you not the size of a house? Answer: I don’t know my friends. I don’t know. God knows I oughtta be, right? I came across the dumb “chef” uniform my old boss used to make me wear while cleaning out my studio today, and spent the afternoon wearing it in the garden. My neighbors think I’m nuts. Again.

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