perfect timing;

“the magician seemed to promise that something torn to bits might be mended without a seam, that what had vanished might reappear, that a scattered handful of doves or dust might be reunited by a word, that a paper rose consumed by fire could be made to bloom from a pile of ash. but everyone knew that it was only an illusion. the true magic of this broken world lay in the ability of things it contained to vanish, to become so thoroughly lost, that they might never have existed in the first place."

-michael chabon, “the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay”.

it’s always a comfort when you get a text from a best friend at the right time. in this case, i was closing the cupcake bakery solo, someone didn’t leave me a key to lock the door, and i tripped the alarm.

this lead to me being a very disgruntled mackenzie, especially when cops came to question me and my bag of cupcakes (oh, lawd). luckily that same bag of cupcakes got me a free ride from a pedi-cab man (boston, i love you) and this quote sent to me by the aforementioned best friend turned my night around.

….don’t you love it when that happens?


2 thoughts on “perfect timing;

  1. Clearly you are a dastardly cupcake thief, who must be stopped at all costs before there is not a single cupcake left in all of Boston.

    I’m surprised they didn’t confiscate them. I would have.

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