scenes from beantown;

broston 288editbroston 290editbroston 292editbroston 070editbroston 007editbroston 280edit

i wish i could take even an ounce of credit for these lovely photos. but i can’t. they are all the lovely work of my dear friend sandy who visited me a few weeks ago. and without really realizing it, she captured all of my favorite parts of this city that i love so much.
dream houses and book smelling in cambridge (can i just move to cambridge now?) my absolute favorite basement cafe. church courtyards in copley. my new addiction, tealuxe creme de earl grey bubble tea. and over-caffeinated smiles in the aforementioned tealuxe.

my offer still stands, friends. come and visit me. drinking bubble tea and smelling books is always better with other people around to enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “scenes from beantown;

  1. I’m like thinking I should buy a one way ticket to Boston right now! So wonderful. But really, when a weird girl shows up at your doorstep asking for muffins let her in! Hahah. Sisters from another CITY!
    and now we both work cupcakes… gosh can’t we both get married and be each others bridesmaids ALREADY!?!

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