homegirl got featured;

i’m a lucky lady.
besides being given a free burrito and a free cookie this week (my luck. i am not complaining), my dearest, fellow curly-headed soulsister holly has allowed me to guest post on her amazing blog this week.

i’ll admit this much, being featured on her blog  is better than a million free burritos. and that’s a lot. i’m not sure why i am this lucky, but i am taking my burritos and free posting privileges and running with them.

the post is here if you care to take a gander but as for me i’ll be over here eating like four burritos.


3 thoughts on “homegirl got featured;

  1. i would love your luck. i am convinced there is nothing better in this world than free food.

    as for your post, i loved it. honestly and truly loved it. i’m almost tempted to print it out and post it in my room somewhere. i feel like it should be shared with the world. especially the young girls who struggle with body image and food issues. it’s not something we should push away and deny ourselves, but instead embrace, eat and love.

    you’re my favorite.
    that is all.

  2. You are amazing. I am going to stick that post to my wall and read it every day. Seriously. Fabulously, truly inspiring girl. I’m so so so happy you are around. xoxo

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