blog friends > real life friends;

girls, i’m going to be honest.
you are all kind of big deals.

i never imagined two years ago when i started blogging that i’d ever have the pleasure to get to know (and meet!) some of the most amazing ladies ever. i delight in each morning that i get to open up my bloglovin’ window and read what you have to say.

you all make me laugh, question myself, and are so gosh darn supportive that i really might think you guys are all cyborgs from the twilight zone hell-bent on spreading tact and old fashion niceties to the world with your laser eyes of kindness*.

so, until i make too many nerdy references here are some of the awesome things you guys have said this week:

annelise basically described my ideal romance here. say you didn’t laugh and i will call shenanigans on you.

meg fee, it’s like you know me sometimes. this post is me, to a t.

jess is someone i’m so glad to have fortuitously met while swing dancing with strangers in berkeley, california. i basically want to live inside of her blog and never come out.

brissa fills me with the lols. i kind of think we are blogging soul-mates. okay, more than kind of.

anna dear, i don’t know how you find the right words for me at the right time. it’s like you are a little quote and loveliness angel and i kind of adore it more than you know.

hey sarah, we might be the same person. i wish i had a car just so i could go through the car wash with it!

emily, can you dress me? and feed me? i will pay you in cupcakes?

i very much look forward to a lovely day in the future when the lovely chelsea and i can have beach-boys-cheese-and-cats-parties. girl, ya dig?

*i’ve been reading too much sci-fi lately. is there such a thing as too much sci-fi? sadly, yes.


6 thoughts on “blog friends > real life friends;

  1. Not going to lie. I squealed with glee when I saw this post today. Just want to tell you {again} how much I lovelovelove your blog. I always look forward to reading about your adventures in Bostonland. When do you start school?

  2. it’s true. so much more than kind of soul-mates.
    i’m glad i’m not the only one who truly loves blogging friends.
    it’s a wonderful little community we’ve got here.
    oh, and i wish i were a robot.
    just sayin…

  3. What sci-fi have you been reading? Care to recommend some? I just found your blog through your guest post and really love it so far.

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