all i need;

broston 009editedit

just a normal day at the office.
i got to don the dreaded “biscuit the dog” costume at work*.

eat popsicles with my co-workers (how we post-game story time at work).

talk to young girls about sci-fi (oh, readers, we are so going to talk major books this week. i have a post a-brewin’.)

all in all, a perfect day.

a day that reminded me of one thing i’ve always known, but forgot over the last month or so. that i am the only person i really need. i am all i have and i am totally content with that. sure, the addition of some second party is always nice.

but i am totally content and sufficient just by myself. with a popsicle in my hand. a stack of books. and a dog costume.

i can honestly admit that for the time being i wouldn’t have it any other way.


*i work in the children’s literature section of a bookstore. i can hardly call it work. it is basically my favorite thing  i found out that my work place will be closed tomorrow because of hurricane irene and got legitimately upset. no joke. i love it that much.


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