little victories;

broston 002editedit {brattle book shop, boston}

sometimes i go through the day, thinking like all i can hope for are those little moments of feeling like you are winning. you have these little victories scattered throughout your week that are so worthy of being celebrated. here are a few;

it might be the man on the subway who smiles at you and gives you his seat.

or the homeless man who says “hello, pretty lady!” whenever you pass him in harvard square.

or have little kids tug on your skirt after story-time, who appreciate all of your silly voices and faces when you pretend to be a big, burly bear.

it’s realizing that the beatles had it all wrong. happiness isn’t a warm gun, it’s a huge fish burrito eaten in the middle of boston common.

dirty jokes texted between you and your mom.

the beginnings of sweater weather. the little pin pricks of chills on my bare forearms have been a welcome experience.

it’s finding this hidden treasure (above photo). immediately fighting back urges to hyperventilate into a paper bag upon finding such a lovely sight. books outside for three dollars?! be still my heart.

it’s drinking an earl grey tea latte in the common, 45 minutes too early for my orientation yesterday. 

the common is an interesting sight at 8:15 am. a man was fighting pigeons and a crowd of people were doing tai chi and all seemed right in the world.


what have been your little victories this week, dears?


4 thoughts on “little victories;

  1. Ok wow…I love your blog in a slightly creepy way.

    I also love how you’ve captured Boston…I’ve been here a year and still haven’t been to the Infinity Pool (though I have been to the Mary Baker Eddy library right next door…you have to check out the stained glass globe inside! Must!).

    Thanks for the great posts!

  2. wow great pictures!!

    to answer your question – my greatest victory this week is going sans coffee! i hate how addicted i’ve gotten and think i finally need to cut myself off.

    keep those gorgeous pictures coming!

  3. love this list… especially #2. yesterday i broke up my first summery dress of the season and a construction worker told me i looked pretty in my dress 🙂

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