can we please have a freak out moment for a bit?!


okay. did you jump high and flail your arms and sing “you can call me al” by paul simon around your apartment?


okay, go for it now.

alright. so now that we’re on the same page i can get to my point.

110830-143851edit 11dkfhgdjfgedit



i am so excited to break out my bookish blazers like i did yesterday. get myself on my new bike (she is such a beaut. her name is neptune and she might be my best impulse buy ever.)

to bike myself to my fancy writing classes with my lisa frank folders and velvet pencils.

to put on my tina fey glasses and get back into school mode.  is it just me or is there nothing better than school? besides putting sriracha sauce on everything, of course, there isn’t.

another thing i missed besides school was obviously some embarrassing amounts of outfit posts. they make me more accountable so i don’t just loaf around in my bike shorts and sports bra as i eat baked beans in my new apartment. which i do a lot more than i am ready to admit, but that’s besides the point. i’m really trying hard not to be that blogger who posts gratuitous amounts of pictures of herself taking herself too seriously.

i think i pulled it off.

especially with this winner.110830-143903edit

pose inspiration courtesy of lil’ john.


6 thoughts on “bookishness;

  1. bicycles are ALWAYS the best impulse buy ever. i feel like penelope and neptune would be friends. is it bad/strange that i want chevy’s shoes? i’m in love with your outfit and all your pictures. mostly because i do the same thing. i’m convinced we’d be best friends because i spent all my summer (aside from class and work) in a sports bra, wide necked shirts and shorts or yoga pants. best.decision.ever. really though, your blazer is awesome. let’s be friends.
    and last but certainly not least….

  2. A-mazing. Badass pose in that last shot. I’m a fan. Huge fan of the blazer also. I am currently trying to find a camel, black, pink AND a tweed for my collection. I wear a blazer most days for school. Can’t break old uniformed school habits hahaha. Also HURRAH SCHOOL AND BICYCLE. Man do I ever wish I had a bicycle.

    And umm hello I’d like to join the where-the-eff-did-you-get-VELVET-PENCILS club. Please hook a sister up. Like, before the 6th because that is when I also start school Did I mention I am taking an Italian class? Italian!

    K. This is way too hyper of a comment but I’m reeeeally bored and really a big fan of all your writing. xoxoxox

    P.s. I’m serious. Come to Montreal. We will go out dancing and eat pickles and poutine and have a picnic ontop of a mountain. And speak French. I don’t know if you speak French, but it’s OKAY because you can hardly call Quebecer-French actual French.

  3. Love the blazer! I’m praying for an end to the 100 degree days here so I can start wearing cardigans and dresses with tights. Really, Kansas, September should not be this hot. And yes, there are few things better than the start of school. I have no idea what I’m going to do once I graduate. Grad school? Maybe I’ll just marry rich and be one of those forever students who go on to get 4 Ph.Ds… Anyway, good luck with your classes next week!

  4. Dude. You Can Call Me Al and Chevy Chase? We are BFFs for life now. Chevy is my absolute favourite (he’s my Facebook profile pic!) and there’s no better song to sing along to than Al.

    The start of school is an awesome time. New clothes, new books, new stationery. New bikes!! What kind of writing course are you doing? Besides a fancy one, of course.

    I think all outfit posts from all over the webs should have a mandatory Lil Wayne pose. You rock it.

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