i’m a city girl, ma;

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rattling off directions and street names for confused tourists.

biking home at 11 pm on my new, hot pink ride, neptune. BEST IMPULSE CRAIGSLIST BUY EVER. i’m really loving biking over the mass. ave bridge from cambridge with the city shining on both my shoulders.

reading anna’s post here and nodding with approval.

the new addition to my vocabulary; the word “wicked”.

genuinely believing that every one walks too slow on the sidewalks.

my new favorite things being replaced with the following: large dogs at the farmers market, food trucks outside the library (best. combination. ever.) sitting and reading books in harvard yard. story time and craft time at work.

talking to my mom about how i feel like going back to the south would feel so foreign right now. sweet tea? no bike lanes? the use of the term ”ma’am”? the wearing of camouflage to be expected? wicked weird.

and she started laughing and said “you’re a city girl now, kenz.”

look at me, guys. i’m a city girl. who would have known?


6 thoughts on “i’m a city girl, ma;

  1. I’m a city-girl too, but I’m still in the South 🙂 I live in Austin, Texas — it has the perfect community feel even though it’s a (semi) big city. It’s wonderful, and I don’t think I could ever live in the South if I wasn’t in Austin.

  2. I love that moment when you realize you’re not a stranger in your new home anymore, when you know all the back roads to get around and the cheapest places to get good pizza. Your posts make me so happy. And also extremely jealous, because I want to be in Boston right now. Mostly I’m just excited to make the city my home, as well.

  3. neptune looks amazing!!! and yes!! EVERYONE is too slow when walking on sidewalks. every morning i ride to school i want to curse and shove everyone off the sidewalk. granted i should probably be on the road, but those morning drivers scare me.

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