3 months;

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guys, i’ve lived here all on my own for three months.


in that time…

i scored two amazingly great jobs. one as a cupcake dealer and the other as a story-time  teller to children at an awesome bookstore.

got into one of my dream schools. one that encourages jazz hands and quidditch. win!

found out what i realized what i truly deserved. and through that experience alone i’d have to say i could write a pretty damn hilarious sit-com from it. oh friends, you have no idea how much of a seinfeld episode my life is, you really don’t.

moved twice, and now moving again (eep!) but am excited to finally be living in one of my favorite areas of boston (!!)

took an improv class. had a summer fling. biked across the mass ave. bridge too many times to count. got way too involved in the terminator series. went to pretty libraries and drank way too many earl grey tea lattes. is there such a thing as too many tea lattes? *

can we all just do a jig of glee over all of this please?



* no.


2 thoughts on “3 months;

  1. So happy to hear you’re in such a good place. I feel like everyone has been a place of transition lately. Something’s up the universe. You hear that, universe? Make it happen! Woot!
    xoxo, f

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