if this isn’t seizure-inducing, i don’t know what is;


…can we all just take a look at my life right now?


i know, serious white girl problems, right?

totally going to go listen to some the postal service tunes from 10th grade and eat my feelings, via some trader joe’s trail mix.

i kid i kid. i really deep down feel supremely thankful to be this busy. i feel like it’s just catapulting me towards something really great, so i’ve accepted the madness. it might mean a few stress-eaten burritos and lots of time going back and forth on my steed, neptune, but that’s okay because it serves a purpose. and burritos are more than welcome on a daily basis. i mean, let’s be real now.

question. is any one else this busy? how do you manage it? i currently have a digital calendar and a paper one and am finally feeling like i have most of it under control, but home girl can only do so much color coding.


5 thoughts on “if this isn’t seizure-inducing, i don’t know what is;

  1. Oh man, I am definitely busy. I’m enrolled in 18 hours and I work two jobs (one I don’t get paid for, I might add). On Wednesdays, I leave the house at 10 a.m. and I don’t get back until 2 a.m. Thursday. But being busy isn’t so bad. I always feel like I’m accomplishing something. Although, let me tell you, eating out almost every day is starting to wear my wallet a little thin.

  2. Jeez, I think it’s contagious! One of my posts this week talks about how I just don’t know how to do it all. Nope. No idea. If I’m looking through my fave blogs tonight it means the laundry didn’t get put away. And I’m not talking about a little load, I did 8 loads last weekend because everything got dirty at Burning Man. If I sent you a picture it might make you cry! Wait, maybe I should cry. Nah. I’ll get to it someday.

    I would totally be down with hosting Lazarus! How cool is he? That was the sweetest post.
    xoxo, f

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