lazarus takes…dc!;

{hello lovelies, so here is a little series i’ve been abrewin’. i was the lucky recipient of a handmade little rabbit friend that i have lovingly named lazarus.  perhaps it was in-between-college boredom, or perhaps a deep, psychological need for a non-imaginary boyfriend/life/hobby/actual animal. since i apparently have had trouble with locating those things, i thought it might be fun to let lazarus do the traveling for me since i’ve set down my roots in boston. here is a  submission of his summertime travels with the lovely maya, author of le quotidien.}

Hello, wonderful blog readers! I have spent all summer long with Maya in the nation’s capitol, and it has been lovely.

photo 1

When I found out I’d be traveling to Maya’s dorm at the University of Maryland I was very excited. A real college! I brought my beer pong table and shot glasses, ready for a good time, when I arrived to this…

photo 2

Apparently, I arrived at her dorm right as she was about to leave to go home for the summer. BOLLOCKS. Well, I guess college shenanigans will have to happen some other time. I was a little disappointed, but then I realized that summer means vacations which means even MORE adventures for Lazarus.

I got to ride a tractor at the farm where Maya worked…

photo 3

I picked strawberries with the little girl Maya baby sits, she loved me.


I got to play in the surf of Rehoboth beach in Delaware, where I saw many beautiful beach sunsets.

photo 5

I rode a merry-go-round with Maya’s friends, which I do not recommend after eating as much pizza as I did at the beach.

photo 6

I helped Maya bake. These would be oatmeal cookie dough cupcakes. Yeah. Maya is a bangin’ cook.

photo 7

Apologies, Maya, for spilling those chocolate chips. I can be a little clumsy.

I even went to New York City! Guys, this was so exciting. Luckily it wasn’t too hot in manhattan on this July day.

photo 8

I celebrated the 4th of July at the Capitol, where I saw Matthew Morrison AND Josh Groban sing.

photo 9

If you don’t know who Josh Groban is, I wouldn’t recommend you kill yourself , but seriously, look that dude up.

I went out for some awesome meals, like these raw tacos at a nearby vegan restaurant

photo 10

I even got to dance with Alex from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes at a concert in DC! That was a thrill.

photo 11

I listened to a lot of great music this summer, (that Maya has some music taste) and I highly recommend you listen to Beirut’s new album, Mother Mother, Noah and the Whale’s new album, Two Door Cinema Club, Rufus Wainwright’s new album, and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down. That last group is really fun to say.

Maya kind of lives in the middle of nowhere Maryland, but I have to admit, it was quite beautiful.

photo 12 photo 13

This pup here was kind of a pain, and I was very afraid of ending up in his puppy mouth. I mean, he seems nice, I just don’t think he realized that I wasn’t his personal play thing.

photo 14

So I often sought solace with Maya’s cat, Missy.

photo 15

Hey, Mackenzie, can we visit Maya in DC soon? I never really got to see what college life is like at Maryland, and Maya says we’re welcome any time. Maybe we could go to the National Art Gallery! I think you’d like it there, Mackenzie, I really do.

photo 16

I wonder where I will go next?

These three months just flew by.

photo 17

Ok, seriously, Maya you have to let me go now. I have other places to see. No, really, don’t squeeze me too hard, you’re cutting off my circulation!

See you soon!

{ummmmmm maya, SO DOWN. buying my bus ticket down there stat. one, because you’re the coolest for taking such amazing pictures and adventurin’ up a storm. and also, UM THOSE TACOS?! want.}

{if you’d like to be involved in his travels (and lack a significant amount of shame), feel free to email me at mackenzie[dot]filson[at] and i will send him your way so you can take him to your favorite place to eat, your favorite part of your city, etc. and i will feature your travels with dear lazarus here! }


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