cloudy days, cloudy mind;

these past few weeks have been….interesting. stressful. manic. happy. sad. and wistful all in one little package.

they’ve been cloudy,i guess you could say.i’ve moved into an apartment i am about to move out of. purging my life of the unnecessary and fell a bit out of my smitten state with boston for a teensy bit.

but this tune has been pumping into my ear drums on my bike rides to the theatre district for school and across the charles river to work and to my future apartment (i feel the luckiest in those moments). and i’ve definitely danced around the kitchen when i make my breakfast to it as well.

and the leaves are beginning to whisper to me that they will be making their fiery reveal soon.

and my brother visited me from philly and we ate so much food and yelled a lot at pitchers at a red sox game. catharsis at its finest.

and gosh darnit, don’t pumpkin spice lattes renew your faith in the world?

so for now, i’m just trying to soak up all of the city gives me. the bike rides. the hot beverages. the excitement of a new apartment for me play out my pinterest dreams.

and i think some apple picking in the berkshires is definitely deserving of a spot on my to-do list, don’t you think?

all in all, i think i’ve finally figured out the perfect recipe to combat those cloudy days.


One thought on “cloudy days, cloudy mind;

  1. Oh my goodness, pumpkin spice lattes. I always forget how good they are, and then fall rolls around, and I’m like, oh yeah. I forgot I live and breathe just for these. Also, what song is stuck in your head? Always looking for new awesome bands. Good luck with your move.

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