this is why i am single;

is it bad that i am plotting to call october “i-am-wearing-a-costume-every-day-month”?

in that i wear costumes every single day for the month of october?

i could be a sci-fi heroine one day (this is actually how i feel i dress every day. i literally bought a coat because i thought it made me look like trillian from “hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”.)

sassy librarian the next day. then catholic school girl (the good kind, mind you.) and i need to throw in a little fancy nancy and madeline* for good measure.

and then i also try to channel my inner sanderson sister with my winged out eye-liner, messy curls, and elaborate tights collection.

and that whole salem halloween party i am spending $100 to go to? by myself? with glee? no shame, guys. no shame.

why am i such a catch? i mean, really.

men of boston, come after me.

i’ll be over in the corner with my candy corn, watching “hocus pocus”, nursing a major sugar high and dancing around my apartment to “halloween” by matt pond pa.




*these are my actual tentative halloween costumes this year. yes. i have two costumes. i am going to be the beyonce of halloween costume changes. it will be no easy feat, i can tell you as much.


3 thoughts on “this is why i am single;

  1. Hello, first day of fall. Nice to see you. Am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of October, which easily falls into the Top 3 Best Months category. Also, LOVE Hocus Pocus. Watch it every October. But I want to be Velma for Halloween. I have the sweater and the glasses. Now I just need to get the rest. It’ll be awesome. Just you wait and see.

  2. You ALWAYS have the best photos. Dork. I stole one from you for my latest post. at leats I think it was from you. I was too lazy to look back in your archives and double check. So I just said it was from you. Whatever. I digress. I pretty much spend the entirety of October reading Practical Magic. And then I watch the movie. Which is completely different and way less spooky but also awesome on its own merits. My life goal is to be a spooky old lady in a witchy house that all the neighborhood kids are scared of. I’m halfway there already! While prepping for my first ever Halloween Party, I realized I’m not going to need much by way of decoration.

    In other news, dressing like a sci-fi heroine is always a good call.

  3. At least your reasons for being single are cute. I mean, sassy librarian? Seriously. My reasons for being single are because I’m a slob who hates social interaction. I’m a real catch.

    Talking about being single, a couple of years ago, I was talking away to a friend and suddenly said ‘Oh, I just spat while talking. Gross,’ and he just looked at me, shook his head and said ‘How are you still single?’ Exactly.

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