my new normal;

broston 001editeditbroston 004edietdit broston 008editeditbroston 024edit   broston 031edit broston 043edit a view of my favorite study spot at school library. is that the set from “will and grace”, you ask? why yes, yes it is. one of the co-creators of the show is a professor at my school. i love their priorities.

just one of my favorite work-related duties. prancing around the back room at work with a clifford head on. and the “quality control” we do on the cookies before story time is always appreciated as well.

fenway park with brother gatsby. we yelled at pitchers and ate so much. two of my favorite things.

a view from my favorite walk around the city. can i move to beacon hill already? someone find me a sugar daddy in order for this to become a reality.

me dorkily posing in front of my city. this is my new normal and i think i like it.


4 thoughts on “my new normal;

  1. You study in Will’s living room? For real? I’m going to transfer, I think.

    I haven’t been to a baseball game but eating and yelling are two of my favourite things too. If I ever make it to Boston, you and I shall go on an eating and yelling playdate.

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