hello, is anybody in there;

eep, my dears. i have been one busy lady. seeing as that i am totally whipped by school work (strict russian lit professors can do that to you) and work, i feel like it’s been an endless blur of biking over the charles river and swiping my emerson card in order to stress eat burritos and write more papers. aside from the circle-dancing-meditation-hippie fest i went to last friday night, but that’s another story.  such is life.

that being said it might get quiet over here for a wee little bit. mostly due to the fact that these little bits of excitement are happening just this weekend:

my first quidditch game! d’aw.

i’m moving to my new apartment! currently doing various happy dances. kid you not. i invite you all to come over so i can bake you things and we can paint nails and talk about books. i am being serious.

going to an m.i.t frat formal! do not worry, i will come back with a full recap of said event. i’m sure it will involve drinking games involving graphing calculators and beer pong with graduated cylinders.

what do you all have planned this weekend, loves? in between all of these things, i’m basically going to be watching “princess diaries” on repeat in my new apartment, eating mass amounts of trail mix as i write papers. and basking in the glory of it all.


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