oh hey cambridge;

mrowbostontake2 015edit hey cambridge,

so. i sort of have this raging crush on you.

broston 097editlike, if you were a boy i would most definitely pass notes to you in the middle of biology and bat my eyelashes at you. broston 100edit

you have cute cafes. and lots of cobblestones for me to skid upon with my bike. and pretty libraries. and cheap restaurants for me to exploit with my frugality and ridiculous stomach capacity. and you’re just kind of all types of handsome. and you’re just elitist enough that i don’t get tooooo annoyed by your denizens*.

 broston 002editedit

so yes. now it’s out in the open.

i’m glad you’re my new place of residence, too. i guess that’s pretty cool as well.


crushing hard,

mackenzie, a new lady of cambridge.


(sorry, broston. i love you too, but i’ve taken another lover.)


*see what i did there?


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