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i have a confession, guys.

i haven’t been reading as much as i wish. ironically enough, working at a bookstore only grows your books-to-read list exponentially rather than make a dent in it. but i will admit one thing i have been reading quite voraciously; children’s literature.

you see, i work in the children’s section of a bookstore that i love very much. i get to read picture books that i loved as a wee little mackenzie to little girls and boys each week. and  read new ones that make my coworkers and i laugh so hard we have to wipe our eyes of the tears of laughter. i’m slowly becoming a very elitist children’s literature enthusiast (can there be such a thing?)

so, without further ado…


 the little prince by antoine de saint-exupery.



pure magic every time i read it. and i’ve read it 5 times.

 i want my hat back by jonathan klassen

okay, so this was the book that made me laugh so hard i made a scene in the bookstore. i’m all about honesty, guys.

a sick day for amos mcgee by philip c. stead.

the most precious book you will ever read. it is more precious than baby puppies in wicker baskets. yes, i went there.

library lion by michelle knudsen

um, when i work at a library i certainly am  going to ask for a lion to help me shelve books. it’s going to happen, i know it.


happy pig day by mo willems

okay, so i have a total author crush on mo willems. he used to work for sesame street and i adore all of his elephant and piggie books so much that i may or may not have bought this shirt last week. this one in particular was released 3 days ago and i’ve read it (and silently giggled along to it) more times than i’m ready to admit.*

what were your favorite children’s books as children? i’m getting a bit obsessed with re-reading (and re-watching) madeline, elephant and piggie, and any books about libraries and animals that live inside of them (there aremore than you might think).

*3 times.


4 thoughts on “{top reads} 2;

  1. gosh, i like you.
    i might just adore you now that i realize you are devoted to le petit prince.
    thank you for the recommendations. i am key librarian to my 2 year-old niece and it is an absolute privilege. some of my favourites are:
    ‘miss rumphius’ by barbara cooney
    ‘roxaboxen’ by alice mclerran
    everything by robert mccloskey
    the gardener by sarah stewart
    the important book by margaret wise brown
    everything by eloise wilkin

  2. I love this!
    I’m actually doing a paper in 19&20c British Children’s Lit this semester, and it’s so good to go back through all of those books I loved when I was small in the name of my degree. It’s so liberating, haha.
    I’m so jealous of your job. I dress like a librarian, but it just doesn’t look right without, you know, THE BOOKS.

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