shake it off;

i’ve been feeling quite heavy today. it might be because i’ve been so fond of wearing heavy, long wool skirts that make me feel like a children’s librarian. or that i’ve been singing “tonight you belong to me” over and over in my new room and dreaming of events from the summer.

and i have that nagging urge to take off. to take a trip to somewhere faraway by myself. it’s been so very long since i’ve taken a solo trip by myself. northern californian ocean breezes are calling my name. badly lit subway stations with foreign sounding names are sounding more than a little enticing right now. getting lost and eating too much thai food is something i’d very much like to do very soon.

making too many large, ornate meals only to sit down at the table with just my j.crew catalogue or a book has had a big hand in this mood. because gosh darnit, sometimes you just want to make soup and scones for other people (reason #2857 why i am secretly 80 years old on the inside).

a little upheaval is in the air right now, i guess. a rejection of the same bike ride down massachusetts ave. a rejection of waiting on others, pacing, and forcing myself to get off of travelocity so i won’t search “boston to montreal” over and over that my fingers type it subconsciously.

that being said, here’s to my recipe for shaking off this little upheaval:  going to hiking tomorrow. and salem to see some witches about some palm readings on monday. and baking loads of pumpkin scones along the way.


3 thoughts on “shake it off;

  1. Oh, believe me, I understand the wanting to go far away on a trip by yourself thing. Sometimes life can smother you when you’re stuck in the same place, even if you’re surrounded by friends and family. Which is why I chose to spend thousands of dollars to go far away on a trip by myself for a semester. Worth it? I sure hope so.

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