adventures in andover;

andover 002editandover 005editandover 003editandover 011edit andover 013edit andover 020editandover 022editandover 023editandover 027editandover 029editandover 031editandover 036editandover 034editandover 039edit remember how i was feeling kind of bogged down the other day?

a day in andover with one of my  favorite people, jane, knocked that mood right out.

running frantically to the commuter rail. eating free private school food (thanks andover prep! suckahs). walking down main street and feeling like i was fulfilling my dreams of being rory gilmore and living in stars hollow. stumbling upon cute little bookshops. hiking through a forest and feeling quite rugged. jumping into frigid ponds and swinging on rickety swingsgiggling about boys in cemeteries and stumbling upon homegirl harriet beecher stowe’s grave. running frantically to the commuter rail again only to find out we missed our train by over an hour, not three minutes like we had thought. resolving to just eat mexican food near by, rather than getting upset about this fact (this is why jane and i get along so well. food> being on time for anything).


yup, feeling so much lighter.


5 thoughts on “adventures in andover;

  1. Oh my, that pond (lake?) is absolutely stunning. And God, do I want to be in that darling bookshop lounging on that window seat right now with the sun streaming in through the open window. Very jealous. Glad you had fun!

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