scenes from beantown;

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 needless to say, it’s been a good week.

i found my dream house on my weekly stroll to the grocery store (currently searching for roommates. and a sugar daddy to fulfill this dream).

i have a date tonight (??!is the apocalypse nigh??!)

i rocked my mid-terms. they don’t even know what hit them (rorygilmore4lyf).

my ikea bed has officially arrived and been put together (no more air mattress! or sharing beds! yes! big-girl-pants status has been achieved! huzzah!)

massachusetts has been treating a girl right; museum visits, spontaneous trips to salem which involved more accidentally jumping into puddles than i’d planned, dinner parties, and lots of dancing around to this song (i’m just getting ready for their concert next month, that’s all!)

the lovely maya is coming to visit me for thanksgiving. my good friend from new college came last week and we ate as much free harvard food as possible at the 375th anniversary (do you see a theme here? i heart eating free private school food.)

and i’m going to new york next month for the quidditch world cup (!!!)

…as i am the team mom of my school’s quidditch world cup team.


(i’ll just stop right there before i embarrass myself too much).


(oh what was that? too late? oh.)


10 thoughts on “scenes from beantown;

  1. I’m confident that I speak for everyone when I say we want date details, please and thank you.

    Quidditch looks friggen brutal. Which is awesome. But seriously, why hasn’t anyone invented flying broomsticks yet? Surely it can’t be that hard?

  2. I saw Noah and the Whale in DC, they’re wonderful live. And the lead singer’s British accent is absolutely adorable.

    Can’t wait for our shennanigans, dearie!

  3. @ stephanie, thank you deary! 🙂
    @ hayley, UM HELLZ TO THE YES. i hit you up once i make landfall, okay?
    @ lady durer, so much ❤ being sent your way, dear.
    @annelise, hehehe that will have to be kept cryptic for now 🙂 UM, DUH. i think the u.s. should have more focus on building flight capable brooms. it's greener, amiright?
    @maya, GAH I KNOW. i watch the live videos on youtube and have to restrain myself whenever he speaks. SAMESIES.

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