i love my commute;

broston 002editbroston 010editbroston 012editbroston 013editbroston 014editbroston 020editbroston 021edit broston 024edit yup. best impulse buy ever. i can’t help but let out little giggles of joy whenever i pass the mass. ave bridge. all of the m.i.t. buildings. across the charles river on my trek to the theatre district for school.

that’s not to say that i don’t have mass amounts of biking road rage (oh, if you were in my mind, you would never think i was a lady. let me get that fact out there). and i do find it kind of liberating to yell at drivers who don’t understand that turn signals are allllllways useful.

but regardless, i love my commute.  i feel like a petite badass on my light-pink-and-turquoise-thank-you-very-much steed.


5 thoughts on “i love my commute;

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