this is what happiness looks like;

Picnik collageedit

happy is seeing a grown man in a business suit hold a cupcake.

happy is getting to pet a bernese mountain dog. plain and simple. i had to try very hard not to squeal out loud.

happy is getting paid to do the following: go to the harvard vs. princeton game with a coworker to hand out anti-dandruff shampoo samples to college-aged men (“and if they’re sh%^faced, even better!”- direct quote from my supervisor) for three hours and take their pictures as  they excitedly take the samples. this is mostly hilarious because i work at a bookstore (?!)

to order children’s books in german and latin (“harry potter und der stein der weisen!”= harry potter and the sorceror’s stone & “cattus pettasatus!”= the cat in the hat.)

and today i get to prance around harvard square with children in a fancy nancy costume.  i feel like i am getting paid to live in an episode of seinfeld. 

happy is getting the day off from work to go to your dream concert…then finding out the tickets are sold out….then finding extra tickets on craigslist.

happy is biking over the mass ave. bridge when it rained (and snowed?!) for days and you found you got antsy feet from not biking and having to stare awkwardly in the faces of people on the train.

happy is this wise little purchase yesterday. a sugar cone of chocoloate tofutti ice cream. and two books bought for….$1.50 total.  and the conversation that followed:

broston 001edit

dreamy bookseller: oh, are you buying these for a class? (i bought the book “hallo-wiener” and “a wrinkle in time”)
me: oh. um. no. i’m just a children’s books enthusiast! and that’s my favorite halloween book!
dreamy bookseller: yeah, i started to read it on my break, it’s pretty cool.
me: it’s the same guy who wrote “captain underpants” too!
*awkward silence*
me: oh, here’s my frequent buyer card.

my eloquence knows no bounds. why am i such a catch?


7 thoughts on “this is what happiness looks like;

  1. I love A Wrinkle in Time and the rest of her series. I also love your happy face and happy stories. You found the best place to nurture your aersomeness. Congrats! I miss you.

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