letters to beantown;

dear new ikea bed, oh how i love you so. from spending the entire summer sleeping in the same bed as my bff (slumber partiez 24/7), and an air mattress from august to october, i just have to tell you that i basically love you more than puppies in wicker baskets. i might even be bold enough to say that i love you more than the $2 iced coffees to get me through  my terrible 2 hour long speech communications class. you make me feel like my room no longer looks like a crack den and that is a very good thing.

dear commute, i don’t want to inflate your ego too much because i’ve already flattered you before, but you are also pretty swell. the fact that you involve passing cute, bespectacled m.i.t. boys at 7:30 in the morning, a nice whiff of peppermint by a little coffee house, and the charles river makes me a very happy lady. try not to hurt my feelings once slush-filled, snowy january rolls around, okay?

dear view from the library at emerson, you are great and i think you know it.  you make studying for a speech exam quite pleasant. just try not to show me too many abortion protests and homeless men chasing pigeons, okay? they kind of bum me out. but other than that, keep on doing your thang.

dear harvard yard and memorial church, i love how large and imposing you are that i can basically never get around walking  through you. which is great, because why would i want to avoid such a lovely sight? also, watching tourists touch the john harvard statue cracks me up because everyone in cambridge knows how many harvardians have peed on that thing, amiright?

and finally…

dear iphone, you’ve kind of changed my life. i’m so glad that i went on random errands and somehow came back with an iphone (classic mackenzie).  i’m basically instagramming the shizz out of boston, and i have you to thank. be mine 4 ever?



6 thoughts on “letters to beantown;

  1. Bed twinz. I know I already told you, but I can’t get over the crazy identicalness of our rooms!! Pictures are gorgeous. Boston looks so inviting. If I hadn’t just quit my job (stupid, stupid), I would be taking a trip to visit. I’m happy you’re on instagram so I can pretend at least 🙂 xo

  2. I knew as soon as you got your phone that you’d be instagramming it UP.

    Love your commuting picture!

    And hi, we’re having an intense fbook or gchat conversation this weekend, mmk?

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