holy moly;


exactly a year ago i boarded a plane on pure whim. to boston.

to be honest, i didn’t think i’d like it. i was so sure the overall bro-y ness of it would make me nauseated.

but now, a year later, i live here. and i work directly in front of where this picture was taken. i spend most of my time in this exact neighborhood. and i can tell you for certain that there is no bro-induced nausea in sight.

life’s so funny, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “holy moly;

  1. on a whim?! a WHIM?! now your life has taken an awesome turn and led you to beantown. i love that. teach me how to be cool, fly somewhere and end up moving there.

  2. ‘Tis.

    I thought my current boyfriend was an a**hole before I met him because he gave off a bro vibe. Now we’re about to celebrate 3 years, and he thinks it’s funny to call me “brah”. Yep, life is funny.

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