snitch-stagramming the world cup, pt 1.;


if you couldn’t tell from my near-obsessive instagram-ing over this past weekend, i went to the quidditch world cup in nyc!

surrounded by my fellow team moms (emerson doesn’t mess around. we gots to make sure our quidditch babies are fed!), a bunch of nerds on broom sticks, wizard rock bands, and an intense love of the game of quidditch, i realized just how smitten i am with my new school and the people i luckily got to surround myself with this weekend.

(holy run-on sentence, batman! this is most depressing because i am a writing/publishing major. but we’ll just forget that major now, won’t we? )

we spent the weekend eating waffles (waffle food truck= the only food at randall’s island where we played quidditch. the iqa knows how to have a party), drinking hot cocoa,  and trying not to catch pneumonia between cheering our hearts out at each game (emerson quidditch also has a special team of cheerleaders for the cup. once again, we don’t mess around).

i’ve never felt so much pride in wearing my college sweatshirt. if  you know me well you’ll know that i have an embarrassing array of college sweatshirts from schools i’ve never attended.  even though middlebury college won (the creators of the game went there. this was the 5th year in a row that they won. LAME)  but this time, i felt so glad to be a part of a community of people where  any ke$ha and lady gaga  song = our school’s fight song. where glitter is an acceptable addition to any outfit. where boylston street is essentially a runway of fashionable, ambitious kids who are so used to studying in the library next to the set of “will and grace” that it has become commonplace.

needless to say, i’m glad that i have two-ish years more of parading around the common on a broomstick and shaking out glitter from my clothes.

{1. the fabled hoops. 2.view of nyc from the gw bridge. 3. team moms trekking over the tappan zee bridge. 4. view from our ecquidditch headquarters, jersey. 5. the world cup camp grounds. 6. rosie, she was my main homegirl of the weekend. we snuggled all day. 7. post world-cup hooters with my fellow team moms, of course}


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