when you know;

you know  it when you get giddy when you have the chance to curl up in your favorite tights with your buddies, $2 iced coffee and henry james.

you know it when you excitedly bust out  a paper on ee cummings’ “anyone lived in a pretty how town”.

you know it when you give a speech on children’s literature in your speech class. and the time limit is 3 minutes and you keep thinking “but i don’t have enough time to talk about it all!”

you know it when you check out books from the library called “marriage and the family through science fiction”. and get snickers of disapproval on the subway. and don’t lie, you totally love it.

you know it when you think “i could get paid to talk about aslan?! and dimmesdale? and rosencrantz and guildenstern? and pippi longstocking?!”

that’s when you know. you know you’re so glad you chose to get knee deep in some plath and akhmatova and sexton, rather than balancing equations. so, so glad.

and also because being literary allows for more wearing of fancy tights. and that’s kind of all that matters sometimes, right?


6 thoughts on “when you know;

  1. Everything about this speaks to me. I know ALL of these things and my, is it a beautiful, uplifting and enlightening thing to know. Lovely little round up of what it’s like to be a literature student! x

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