the view from here;

the view from here has been pretty swell, i’d say.

{1. searching through the stacks of my favorite bookstore.
2. the common on a particularly lovely day, not too many homeless men yelling at pigeons. 3.channeling my inner rory gilmore and making a study schedule for the next two weeks. you read right, study schedule. i am gross.
4. clomp-clomping on some crunchy leaves.
5. the holy trinity: tights, 2 dollar coffee, and classic lit.
6. can we all just appreciate this for a second? thanks.
7. the church near my dream house.
8. boston, you make me chuckle.
9. i love my psych text book so hard.
10. an afternoon stroll to the library with a stop near my favorite building ever.}


4 thoughts on “the view from here;

  1. I love study schedules. And schedules. And lists.

    Sometimes I feel a bit neurotic. But mostly I like to think of it as a way to structure creativity and keep the home littered with cute notepads.

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