{berets and bongos} 41;

“this place where you are right now
god circled on a map for you.”



4 thoughts on “{berets and bongos} 41;

  1. oh, mackenzie. thank you for this. how i needed it.
    i am feeling so displaced lately. & unstable. falling into tears because my favourite thrifted coat has gone missing even though i just booked an apartment in boston for new years.
    speaking of boston–please, please, do you have any recommendations for a group of romantics, who love all wandering & eclectic coffee shops & all things literary & are seeking a glittering new years eve?

    • oh i so feel you on that sisterfriend. phone and precious bike both got stolen within two weeks of each other. talk about freaky and sad all in one little package. oh mylanta! i so have way too many recommendations for you. and if you need an honorary tour guide of this lovely city, i’d be glad to! but in short:

      the best of little, glittery cafes are in harvard square:
      -cafe pamplona
      -crema cafe

      as for glitteriness in general, i find beacon hill utterly charming, back bay is always lovely, especially if you stroll down by the charles and the esplanade (safely in groups, mind you!) and all kinds of lovely can be found in cambridge (harvard square again, always gets my rec.)


      • i shrieked when i saw this. recommendations from someone who cherishes the city like you do. thank you so much! i shared it with my travel companions and they are equally grateful and said i should ask you about places to dance. preferably, classy, old-time, swing dancing.
        what are your favourite bookstores? are there any holiday markets that run late december/early january? what would you do on NYE in boston?

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