boston, rekindled;

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so i had the lovely pleasure to have not one, but two friends (i has two friends?) visit me this week! we feasted, pranced, and caused mayhem around the boston-cambridge area. i ate enough to hate myself, realized the magic of red lipstick, and had a squirrel get all up in my grill.

in short, my little flame of love for boston had been rekindled. i will not lie, since my bike was stolen and then two weeks later my iphone was literally grabbed from my hands* i had been feeling quite downcast about the status of my relationship with boston. for a week or two i really couldn’t find myself staring starry-eyed at the changing leaves, and i really only felt safe when i was safely in the emerson library, where i’ve basically been living since these events.

but there really is nothing like watching your friends experience boston for the first time. and it’s in that moment that a bunch of hoodlums really can’t take away your real love for a city.

*it was a two-high-school-boy operation. one distracted me by asking for the time while the other came up from behind and stole it. i ran after them and luckily the police was right next door so i got them to run after them. they caught one kid (that didn’t have my phone), but not the other that physically had my phone. but here’s the best part, i got to yell at the little ruffian! i did it in a very classy matter, but i really taught him a lesson. it was great, which is mostly why i am not too upset about it in general. yelling is awesome, guys. especially when you’re a typically docile creature, like i am.


4 thoughts on “boston, rekindled;

  1. You are looking so beautiful!!! And you’re also obviously a squirrel-whisperer, which is pretty impressive. Couldn’t beliiiiieeeeeve those last squirrelly photos!

    I’m so sorry about the bike. And the phone. That’s just brutal…I had a similar hate-everything-and-retreat-to-the-library phase when my bag (containing my whole life) was stolen a couple months ago. I still get angry when I think about it, so…I will stop talking about it now…haha. You have a lot of good karma coming your way though, it seems!! And lots of lovely friends to make you happy in the meantime.


  2. Dude, you are like a one-woman tourism campaign for Boston. Before reading your blog I barely knew anything about the place, and yet now I really want to visit! Sorry to hear you fell out of love with your city for a bit. The sad but true thing is that there is crime everywhere… you just have to make sure you love the place you’re living enough to make up for the occasional dickhead who tries to ruin it!

    I’m currently trying to forge a relationship with red lipstick. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you! x

  3. Scary how much Boston looks like Glasgow.

    Yelling is awesome, but seriously that is ridiculous. Who steals someone’s phone from their hands? I much prefer yelling at video games to yelling at people trying to steal my things 😦

  4. Look at yo frandz and their sassy red lipstick! Reminds me of another young curly haired lass I know.

    ANYWHO. You definitely got closure with the phone stealing incident.

    #badassgrandma #whatwhat #fuckyeah #imagonnacrochet #thenimgonnausetheneedletopokeyoureyeoutyouruffian #thatmaybethelongesthashtagihaveeverused #thenimagonnamakebananabread #aslongasitsallbefore11pm

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