top reads;

i tend to go through phases with my reading habits, and i’d be a big liar with a side of liar-sauce if i wasn’t honest about what i’ve been reading lately…

no surprise, it’s children’s literature. again.
more specifically, the magical author-goddess that is alison mcghee:


                                     {pages from her books “only a witch can fly” and “so many days”}

i mean, how can you not? i’ve decided that this year everyone is getting a picture book that reminds me of them and i ended up buying nearly everything by alison mcghee. unsurprisingly, each of these either make me bawl or chuckle. which i think makes a pretty good children’s author. and taeeun yoo (who does the illustrations) is sort of my female-illustrator-crush.

only one draw back, as i surveyed my purchases and figured out which of my friends would be the delightful recipients of ms.mcghee’s books i sort of had a hard  time figuring out which would go to whom. and then i realized, ‘oh crap. i just bought books for my unborn children. oh god, oh god, i am one of THOSE girls.’ and promptly became disturbed with myself. no shame, guys. no shame.

sorry, future children. i’m warning you ahead of time.

some of my other favorites (that i pillaged from my bookstore):
always (also,so much bawling. )

little boy
making a friend


5 thoughts on “top reads;

  1. It’s ok. My sister started buying clothes for her unborn little one as soon as she got married. She had to keep them hidden from her husband. 😛

    I love children’s books too. I wish I had someone to read them TO.

  2. On a slighty-scary children’s lit note – have you read ‘The Wolves in the Walls’ by Amazing Neil Gaiman? I currently have my nose in it for an essay, but it’s SO creepy.

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