just kidding;

i’ve never been known for being silent anyways.

so as a motivation to finish all of my finals i’ve made a list of things i am going to treat myself to post-finals:

dancing around my apartment to the following songs

drinking some burdick’s hot chocolate. and buying children’s books.

signing up for my german class (!!!) ja, wohl!

daydreaming about  how many black bean burgers i am going to be eating at toojay’s once i get back to florida.

planning my trip to tampa to see my platonic soul-mate.

planning my 21st birthday trip to montreal. (emily. get ready for madness.)

going to enjoy this view at mt. auburn cemetery.

go ice skating on the common’s frog pond (!!!)

do a ceremonial burning of my speech class’ handbook.  seriously. this is the most important task. i need to do this for cathartic purposes.

read so. many. books. finishing the georgia nicolson series is top on the list, then some good ol’ fashion sci-fi.

i think i can. i think i can. i think i can.


8 thoughts on “just kidding;

  1. Cemeteries – you must go to Forest Hills Cemetery. In sun or snow, preferably both.

    It’s about a twenty minute drive, I think, but I’m also pretty sure you can catch the T. Joe will remember the directions if you ask him.

    A picture of “The Sentinel,” near the bottom of one of the hills.

    Start with a small size at Burdick’s. The dark chocolates are incredibly rich (and completely dairy free if you order soy; I think the milk chocolate has a bit of actual milk.)

  2. GEORGIA NICOLSON! Ahhh those make me laugh soooo hard. Did you ever read the “Girl, 15” books? Similar and simlilarly hilarious.

    Also, Montreal madness is making me soooo excited. SO EXCITED.


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