favorite things;

381091_265766520148851_246598535398983_730891_958332642_n         {yule ball 2011, emerson college. with my favorite quidditch cheerleaders. i’m not kidding}

bike rides to harvard square. long eyelashes on boys. cramped apartments full of my favorite people. mustard-yellow anything. fish and chips in dive bars. mouthing the words to the movie “hook”. yule balls at school. petting dogs that don’t belong to me when their owners aren’t looking. talking to and making face at babies that don’t belong to me when their parents aren’t looking. having two days off work. quidditch team bonding nights. buying picture books for best friends. santa coming to work (i know him!! i know him!!) the end of finals= reading children’s books all day. sleeping 11 hours last night. talking to girls on the subway about knitting and yarn. hearing that my best friend might have thrown her back out last night because she was laughing too much.


how about you?


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