a song, winter;

if it were possible for a song to be my own personal winter, it would be this one. my roommate used to fill our near-empty old apartment with this song all the time. it echoed through the walls on a near daily basis and i always kept finding myself prancing to the beat of it when i eloquently made ramen noodles. or wrote letters. or read YA fiction.

 it reminds me of all the different homes i’ve had this year and was so lucky to call a home. and though the scheduling gods did not bless me this year and i’m sequestered in boston far away from my real home, i am actually still carrying this twinkly feeling i think each of us carries around during this month.

 it’s all kinds of twinkly, for me. and i hope it has the same effect on you.




{edit: so, i almost never watch the youtube videos to songs. i usually just put them on in the background and never notice the video aspect. which basically lead me to just posting the first video (if you got that in googlereader) without even noticing it was in fact, g.w. doing illicit acts. tooooootally my bad. but i hope it gave you a hearty chuckle and didn’t make you cringe in any way.}


7 thoughts on “a song, winter;

    • hahaha! i didn’t even watch the video. just danced around my apartment to it because it was the only correct version. after i posted the video, i was like “oh dear god. why.”

  1. just plugged in my headphones at work and gave it a listen. gorgeous. and with the rain outside and my coffee in hand, it certainly, certainly made me think of winter. thank you so much for sharing this.

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