that time i got dominated by crotched mountain;


did my title pique your interest?
yes, i did get dominated by a mountain that was indeed crotched. enter, crotched mountain in new hampshire. known for its many crotches.
okay, i need to stop saying crotched. 
one more time.
okay, i’ve got it out of my system. i swear.

needless to say, everyone could tell my florida was showing as i hit the slopes the other day. literally, i hit the slopes. at least 15 times. down the slope. all day.

and you know that girl who falls off the chairlift? who kind of forgets you have to push yourself off of it? and then falls off of it on to the platform? um, that was me. and yes, everyone saw. and yes, the second time i went back up, my patient skiing teacher-friend nick insisted we go in separate chairlifts in order for him to not lose any street-cred for being near the girl who fell off the ski-lift.

and in a way, i’m a bit proud of being that girl. even though the whole day reminded me of how much my life is just an endless episode of “seinfeld”. and five year olds intimidated me as they  passed me three times as i clumsily fell out of my skis.i laughed the whole day. i laughed when i fell out of the ski lift (after flailing about like a wild salmon). i laughed every single time.

and for that alone i am glad. i am glad i am the girl who laughs her dumb self out of the chair lift. and i very much would wear that title around my neck as proudly as if i were wearing a medal.

because if i wasn’t the girl who fell off a ski-lift at the top of a mountain known for its many crotches (sorry), i truly wouldn’t recognize myself in the mirror.


7 thoughts on “that time i got dominated by crotched mountain;

  1. And i am impressed that you stuck with your adventure and lived to tell the tale! As a fisherman, I wish you had a video of the “wild salmon” episode! Seriously, though, the next time you ski, you will look and feel like a pro!

  2. If we didn’t laugh at ourselves for doing dumb things, we’d be pretty miserable! Sounds hilarious. You’d never catch me on a ski-lift. Can’t ski anyway, but if I was, for whatever reason, on a ski lift, I wouldn’t jump off, I’d just keep going round and round, up and down, until someone carried me off.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. at first i thought that this title read: crocheted mountain. like the sister of knitting… yeah. whoops. and on that note: remember when my mom taught you how to crochet at one of my birthday parties? good times! 😉

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