off to the motherland;


off to literally, the land where my mother lives. snorelando orlando, florida. i’m a little bit more than excited to be back in my homeland for the first time in 7 months (?!?!) where it isn’t unusual to do cartwheels outside in early january. have trannies serve you sweet potato fries at midnight. cuddle with your fave lady friends. jump in lakes in november. dance on cardboard dance floors in public. and wear shorts all year round as you pick citrus off your very own orange tree. needless to say, i’m pretty excited.

florida, get ready. i’mma pillage you of all your sweet citrus and cartwheeling space.

{not bringing my lappytoppy home, as i am getting a replacement whilst there, so not sure how much i will be updating. hope you have a lovely first week of the new year, dears!}


2 thoughts on “off to the motherland;

  1. During this time last year, I was actually in Florida…in the Everglades on a two week course called Outward Bound where I roughed it and paddled with alligators. It was actually lovely. I’d like to return to Florida someday, perhaps not to the Everglades for awhile, though. 🙂

  2. ‘have trannies serve you sweet potato fries at midnight’ sounds just like home for me, too…

    also, i’ve nominated you for a little blog award, maybe check it out!

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