blogging snaps;


i like you guys. i hope that i’ve made that clear. you are all so funny, witty, inventive, and gosh darn it, people like you.

blogging is seriously one of the things that has defined the last 3-ish years of my life. if you can believe it or not, i started blogging with the support of a friend at my last college. we started a little turd of a blog called “the college authentic”, which became ironic when i took a year off from college to prance around, thus my blog-child was born, this blog. and i’ve met so many of you in person, and have gotten close to so many of you not in person. your posts lighten up my day, and the fact that a little over a hundred of you formally subscribe to my little blog-child, despite my creepy letters to my future man friend, squirrel friends, and general absurdity makes my heart tingle. really and truly.

so i’ve decided to spread some blog gems that you guys have put out in the last week or so. i’m snapping my fingers in your general direction, guys;

can we all appreciate this post? vintch is probably one of my favorite blogs that i’ve stumbled upon in the last few months. i think i had to catch my breath a bit after reading that post. and my ovaries hurt a bit, but that’s besides the point.

brissa, i don’t know how i haven’t met you yet. it’s beyond ridiculous and needs to change. this post only proves our soul-sister status. i’m sending you a virtual “be my bff? circle yes or no” note as i type this.

celeste, can i live in your blog? this post, i just, i just need to live inside of it.

molly, you just crack me up. on a daily basis. and you also made me obsessed with dumplings.

pretty sure danielle could bottle up her wisdom and sell it for the big bucks. this post only proves it further. so, so glad i got to gossip with you in harvard yard in the fall. come again soon, please?

and my real-life bff, gigi, has started her own blog! she is practically my little sister and i dare you to not be completely smitten with her posts. i dare you.

i met jess whilst swing dancing in berkeley, california last year. her blog is just as lovely and eloquent as she is in real life.

any gems you’ve stumbled upon in the blogging world? let homegirl know!


7 thoughts on “blogging snaps;

  1. oh friend. you are so kind. thank you for the shout-out.

    i am so, so thankful for the friends i’ve made through blogging, and the encouragement it provides. looking forward to seeing what beautiful blessings 2012 has in store for you:)

  2. Oh, my goodness, thank you so much for introducing me to all these lovely blogs. I’ve been thinking that I needed to branch out and find some more blogs to fall in love with. Vintch’s post made me want to cry (in a good way, of course). Just saying, I may or may not be following all of these blogs now.

  3. consider the virtual yes on the virtual bff note circled. i need to not be clear across the country so we can take this soul-sister status to the streets!!!

  4. Darling girl, you are too kind. Thank you for sharing my blog post! And you were so, so right about those gems of others too. You must have good taste ;). I will come back to Boston and we will gossip again sometime soon. Looking forward to it!

  5. Just came across your blog via Bridgitte, and I love your bio: “Has ‘Harry Potter goggles’ instead of ‘beer goggles.'” Too true! hah.

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