my new york city itinerary;

201201161213.jpg 201201161213.jpg 201201161213.jpg 201201161213.jpg

get on lovely double decker bus to nyc. get “crunk” off of kombucha tea. choke down the delicious vinegar-y taste of said kombucha as you indulge in some good teen fiction. get incept-a-grammed by your favorite bros from high school as you down a veggie burger and watch portlandia.

201201161213.jpg 201201161213.jpg 201201161214.jpg

prance across brooklyn with aforementioned bros. stumble across nyu’s department of linguistics and have a nerdgasm. go into what might be the most unusual place i have ever been to in soho. survive the nyc subway system by yourself (!!!!)

201201161214.jpg201201161334.jpg 201201161333.jpg201201161214.jpg

get smitten with columbia university. down multiple cups of tea and begin planning your escape from the northeast. make fun of guy friend’s rat tails.
201201161343.jpg 201201161344.jpg


realize you are sort of obsessed with creepy churches at night. go to the strand bookstore and have a seizure over their children’s lit section. begin to understand that the northeast’s winters don’t play around, they are colder than a witch’s teat. stumble upon a german-austrian art museum, get tempted by the sight of “quark” (one of my favorite german words, it means “soft cheese” and is so fulfilling to say) on the cafe menu.

201201161346.jpg 201201161346.jpg


make derp-y faces in front of the library you wanted to see the most, that you might have had on a list entitled “libraries to see before you keel over” for a few years now. spot a dismembered lobster and immediately miss the great state of massachusetts. make “home alone” references in central park that only you get. gallivant with lady friends and thaw out on your bus back to bean town, rinse and repeat.


10 thoughts on “my new york city itinerary;

  1. SO. AWESOME. I love love love NYC and your adventure sounds so fab it has me jonesin for a trip. And gurl, you think it’s cold there? You best buy some warmer layers if you’re coming to Montreal 😉 I’m serious. It is -30 celsius here, and I am already a little concerned about the safety of your toes. xo

  2. a) It was my dream to go to Columbia…came so close, but I was turned off by the idea of $100,000 worth of debt.
    b) I totally know what museum you’re talking about and have been there! I’m so glad you’re into German…more German nerd friends are always good.

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