oh, lord;


so i was sitting in my non-fiction creative writing (swoon!) class last monday night.

and it becomes apparent that for four of us, we would have our first assignment due this coming saturday morning.

thinking that people would just be killing to go first, i shoot up my hand earnestly and volunteer to go first.

i. am. the. only. one.

but no, let me continue, it gets sadder.

it’s a minimum seven page writing piece that can be on anything at all. i got heart palpitations of excitement when i heard about this assignment.

mine was seven pages before i double-spaced it. it’s now a big momma at thirteen pages. working title is “i’m allergic to you, and other misadventures”.

and i’m already done, three edits, and proofreads later, it’s really done. it’s not due for two more days.

thirteen pages, guys. my first week of classes and i am bound to have sixteen new enemies as i bring my dorky self to class for them to pick my piece apart next monday night.

i am rory gilmore. hear me roar.


6 thoughts on “oh, lord;

  1. you are so cool. creative non-fiction was my FAVORITE section in my creative writing class last year. i live for stream of consciousness. LIVE FOR IT. also, i’m in love with your title. you’re so cool.

  2. fabulous title! that class sounds so exciting–i never took a creative writing class in college-just literature, and the possibility of auditing one is not too far out of the question for me. i would just love to sit and absorb all that creativity! you’re going to nail it, dear!

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