how to beat the winter blues;


1. celebrate the fact that nick hornby and ben folds collaborated on an album together. hold back tears of joy upon listening to “claire’s ninth” on repeat for a month and a half whenever you walk to harvard square, or until it breaks 60 degrees outside.


2. appreciate the beauty of your city. jump in the dead leaves and get excited that those trees will have some less depressing foliage on them soon. eat at the only costa rican restaurant in town (i did this in chicago. i got a free smoothie. need i say more?) laugh at/with babies on the subway. pet puppies. dance through the park instead of walking.  in short, nullify any expectations that winter brings grumpiness.



3. try new things. in my case, a few friends and i helped assemble a fake fire yesterday. we pillaged cambridge of its finest twigs, made some tea, and gave birth to a most majestic fire. totally worth it.


4. plan spring time adventures. new york city! cape cod! los angeles 21st birthday trip! summer road trips to maine! sky’s the limit. plan to come to boston. you can sleep on my air mattress and we can eat undercooked banana pancakes together.


5. read. while you are hibernating and definitely not shaving your legs (just me? oh.) reading is so so nice. lately i’ve been reading lots of humor essays, children’s books, and some classics from my youth. snow days aren’t a bummer when you can curl up with something that makes you laugh so hard in public that people shift a seat over from you on the subway.



6. sit in cafes. i really only find cafes alluring in the fall and wintertime, to be honest. this might make me a heathen on bostonian terms (you can stand at one cafe here, throw a rock and hit five other cafes), but in the summertime i’d rather exploit the heat by biking around in short shorts and eating raspberry sorbet. feel worldly as you drink your despicably priced coffee. mooching off wifi and people watching are on my list of favorite things, after pretending zooey deschanel is my best friend and daydreaming about nap-taking with puppies.



7. go out dancing. i admit, i basically forget what exercise is in the winter months. but guys, i went out contra (the northeast’s version of square dancing!) dancing last night with some friends. it was essentially 3 hours of dancing with men older than my dad. and it was awesome. i felt like i was in a jane austen film! and i worked my calves! both of which i think are the dreams of most girls in their 20s.


8. and if all fails, eat. my friend sam and i have declared that we are basically going to get through winter by eating through it. “let’s get fat together”, she said to me wisely. eat and get fat, i shall. i’ve gotten pretty lucky with friends swiping me into their dining halls (eating on harvard’s dime is especially tasty), so this has definitely helped my goal.



4 thoughts on “how to beat the winter blues;

  1. Eep! Another book goes on the list!

    Love and agree with all…except that a cafe can seduce me any time of year. The best is finding a sidewalk cafe where you can sit in the sun and read. *sigh*

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