if you’ve been reading for a bit, you might already know that i’m always up for a challenge. that’s why when my lovely friend emily posted this on instagram, i was on it like a thirteen year old girl on a justin bieber cardboard cut out.

and so, in true first-grader “show-and-tell” fashion, this is what my january looked like through my iphone:


1.you. 2. breakfast. 3. something you adore. 4. something you wore.


5. letterbox. 6. something you adore. 7. favorite. 8. your sky.


9. daily routine. 10. childhood. 11. where you sleep. 12. close up.


13. in your bag. 14. something you’re reading. 15. happiness. 16. morning.


17. water. 18. something you bought. 19. sweet. 20. someone you love.


21. reflection. 22. your shoes. 23. old. 24. guilty pleasure.


25. something you made. 26. color. 27. lunch. 28. light.

D87fc68a4c2211e19896123138142014 7Ad4deb324ab911e19e4a12313813ffc0 7


29. in your fridge. 30. nature. 31. you, again.

and now there’s even a february photo a day challenge?! um, count me in. i’ll bring my justin bieber cardboard cut out. i mean, my a-game.


3 thoughts on “#janphotoaday;

  1. The difference in your hair between the 1st and 31st is amazing! Boston looks amazing. I tagged you in something similar on my blog, a little (ahem, kinda long) survey.

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