eleven things;

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guys, i think the apocalypse is nigh. i did a survey. i usually don’t do these things, as i think blogs are already a lot of “me me me with a side of me-sauce and a me-mosa and chocolate me-ousse for dessert”.


that was such a bad joke. but anywhosits . the lovely danielle tagged me to do a survey , so without further ado:

#1: you must post these rules.
#2: each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
#3: answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

1. before i was even in babbling-stage, i hummed the jeopardy! theme song. my mom was driving me home from my grandpa’s house, where i’d sit in my stroller and watch my grandpa try to outsmart that wiley alex trebek, and all of a sudden i just started faintly humming the theme song. oddly enough, i didn’t know this until i was ten years old and already completely obsessed with the idea of being on jeopardy!. i still am, actually. i won my college’s jeopardy! competition practically single-handedly (sorry michael. i’m so sorry everyone called you “dead weight michael” after the competition.) i still do think i will be on jeopardy! one day. it’s odd, but in my head i know i am going to do the following: have lots of puppies, have babies, get married, be on jeopardy!. it’s just going to happen. mostly because i have an intriguing story to tell trebek after the first commercial break.

2. i’ve always been an obsessive reader, no surprise here. if it had horses, witchcraft, nerdy female protagonists, or nerdy witches who rode horses i was reading it. my mom didn’t really read to me all that much as a child, but i was obsessed once i learned to read when i was four. yes, i was one of those annoying kids in kindergarten who ended up having her hair braided by her reading-buddy (angst-ridden 5th graders who read to kindergarteners) because she had already been reading for a year at that point, when everyone was still reading slowly.  i actually got in trouble a lot for this, to be honest.

3. on that note, i got in a lot of trouble in high school for someone who was pretty studious. like, a ridiculous amount. i’m not even going to tell you how many detentions i got in high school, you’d laugh.want to know why? talking. holy crap, can i talk. since i’ve established that i was a total brown-noser in school (still am) i can say that my french teacher in high school admitted that i was her favorite. but that still didn’t stop her from throwing me out of her class one day for talking. there was this one girl in my class named l’adelle. we had a love/hate relationship in the sense that she hated me and i absolutely loved annoying the crap out of her. “l’adelle! why won’t you let me love you!” would usually be returned with a half-humorous-mostly-serious “MACKENZIE, I’MMA FIGHT YOU”, to which i would say “l’adelle, bring yo posse. to the water fountains. after class. it’s on.” this was my senior year of high school, i’m not even going to say this was very long ago or i’ve changed at all.

4. i don’t really want to go to paris. in the “OMGIWANTTOGOTOPARIS” sort of sense. sure, i’d love to go in a general sense. but it’s like….20th on my list of places to see. tops on my list? prague, croatia, any place along the dalmatian coast, germany, argentina, and anywhere in scandinavia. basically, i want to go to a place that is notorious for low levels of tourists, looks like a disney village, has a high density of gnome-folklore, and people usually say “where IS that again?” when hearing of my desire to go there. also, i don’t really like macarons and i’m lactose intolerant, so images of cheese-filled afternoons beneath the eiffel tower are completely lost on me.

5. i think “you can call me al” by paul simon is the most romantic song of all time. i am not even kidding about this. i want it to be the first song at my wedding, complete with chevy chase-trombone-playing-dance-sequence. because really, all we want is someone who will call us al and who we can call betty. i mean, right? i’m pretty sure i will know who i am going to marry if they agree to this fact.

6. i’m really good at accents. russian, cockney, german, southern, cuban, bostonian, news reporter-type, i’m pretty solid. i’ve convinced whole groups of strangers of my fake nationality.

7. up until i was seventeen, i really only wanted to be an animal trainer, specifically bears. i still think it’d be awesome. to be honest if i could spend an afternoon with a trained bear i’m pretty sure i’d have this response.

8. speaking of career choices, i’d love to be (in my lifetime) a bakery owner, a founder of a dog rescue, author, stand-up comedienne, au-pair. in high school people used to ask me “WHAT DON’T YOU DO?!” and i’d like to keep that trend going.

9. i’ve always wanted to go blonde. like, just getting it out there. i’ve had red, black, dark brown, light brown, and terribly-dyed-red-but-actually-burgundy hair. but blonde? only when i was four years old, because i am a natural dish-water blonde. i think it’s an eventual thing.

10. linguistics effing fascinates me. i have a feeling i will end up getting my masters in it, or just take an absurd amount of classes about it. i love that you can do something “in spite of” or “out of spite”, but not between, through, around, or on spite. i like that english linguistics makes absolutely no sense. i love that the russian word for “german” comes from the word for “dumb”. and the russian word for “fast” comes from the french word “bistro”, because they thought that it meant “quick”, because the food was always served very quickly at french bistros. the italian word for a type of window called a “vasistas” comes from the german word “was its das?” (“what is that?”) because it was such an intricately, unique type of window that the germans had never seen a window quite like it. i hate noam chomsky. i love steven pinker. i love diction. and i am definitely one of those annoying girls in your lit. classes who says “BUT WHY DID HE USE THAT WORD?! ISNT THAT FASCINATING?!” as everyone rolls their eyes.

11. i’m a really low maintenance creature. i’m content with a bowl of pasta and a feel-good 80’s comedy (“brewster’s millions”?! “arthur”?! “it could happen to you”?! um, i am sold), or getting lost somewhere for a few hours. those are really my requirements for happiness. pasta + richard pryor +getting fortuitously lost on public transportation. i’m sort of like a really curious house cat.


and now for danielle’s questions:

1. book or kindle?

oh good lord. i have a whole system of deciding what to read in paper form and kindle form. it basically boils down to whether or not i will highlight the crap out of something, thus meriting a place to keep all of my favorite quotes and passages in one place. thus, i get it on my kindle. that being said, i usually do that for absurdly long books, or informational ones, or books that don’t have nice covers. there, i said it.

2. ant or dec?

hahaha i definitely had to google this, but i felt so worldly while doing so. i read the wikipedia page at least four times and still couldn’t remember which one was which, so the dumb american will say it’s a stalemate.

3. daddy or chips?


4. do you think you worry about your appearance too much?

thank god, not as much as i used to. body-wise, i kind of just eat what i want to eat, which usually ends up being pretty healthy so i just go with it and don’t really focus on a scale. i do however think my face should get its act together and stop looking like pizza face. i thought i left acne behind with bad livejournal usernames and avril lavigne wristbands, but apparently not.

5. what skill do you wish you had?

easy, i wish i could be a trapeze artist. i pine for trapeze classes, often.

6. what is your most favorite meal?

i can’t really think of a specific food or meal, because my favorite meals have always been because of the situation i ate them in. i think that’d have to be when i met some swing dancers at uc berkeley last year and they invited me out to eat indian food with them. the indian food was totally not overly sensational, but still good. but the people were so fantastic, and they had free tea that is still the most amazing tea i’ve ever had. it was one of those two hours of your life that you’re both happy and sad, sad because you know you only have those two hours to drink that tea, eat that eggplant biryani, and soak up the good conversation with practically strangers.

7. do you keep a diary?

yes! a couple actually. one for lists, one for bits of dialogue i catch from strangers, and one is like a more tangible pinterest, in that i paste bits of pictures of places i’ve been, bits of my own writing, and the like.

8. what’s your ideal job?

ideally and honestly, i’d love to be able to support myself on doing stand-up. but i usually feel gross admitting that, as i hate how it comes off as a “BECAUSE I’M FUNNY ENOUGH TO DO STAND UP” sort of way. but i’ve wanted to do stand up since i started watching it when i was six and my brother force fed it to me, because he always won our fights over the remote control as children. and i’m kind of glad he did. that, and just writing in general. as long as i’m not writing the blurbs for sky mall products, i’ll be happy.

9. do you play an instrument?

i played clarinet when i was in middle school. i was actually pretty good, but i resented it because it wasn’t the sax, the instrument i really wanted to play. and then i taught myself guitar and ukulele and piano, but haven’t really kept up with either since i’ve moved up north because i was living out of two bags. but i’m pretty sure my fair little keyboard will be making its way up here soon!

10. do you actually remember the last time you sent a letter to someone?

yessss! it was when the hurricane hit in late august of last year. and it was to my lovely uc berkeley swing dancing friend of infinite eloquence, jess.

11. was university a worthwhile endeavor for you?

i’m still trying to figure this one out, as i’m still in college! seeing as my major is a writing/publishing major, i sometimes don’t feel like it is. especially with the large price tag attached to it, i do struggle with it. but at the end of the day, my professors are so fantastic and i’m excited to do my work, which is all i think that really matters.

still alive?

okay, good. because here are more words:

my questions!

1. what would you say to your eight year old self if she was standing right in front of you?

2. if you could own any animal, extinct or not, what would it be?

3. if you could live in a book, which one?

4.if you could marry a literary character, who would that be?

5. what has been the most surprising “oh my god did i really just do that?” thing you’ve ever done?

6. if someone was playing you in a movie on your life, who would it be?

7. favorite class when you were in elementary school?

8. if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?

9. what’s the one thing you’d like to achieve in your lifetime?

10. what’s  your favorite piece of clothing ever?

11. if you believe in past lives, who do you think you were in a past life?


and i now tag emily
…and annelise.

god speed, mighty warriors.


3 thoughts on “eleven things;

  1. I would lovelovelove to go to Paris and do all sorts of cool Paris things, but it’s actually really far down on my list of dream travel destinations. If you get the chance to go to Prague, you should DEFINITELY go! I think you would love it. It’s meant to be amazing all year round but for extra fairytale factor, go around Christmas time. I’m also dying to go to Croatia. It looks so beautiful and so much fun!

    I’m so jealous of your accent skills. All my accents sound Jamaican or Polish, and I have no idea why. I can’t even do a Southern English accent, which should be easy considering I live in the same country, but nope!

    Btw… most English people don’t know the difference between Ant & Dec, so don’t feel like a dumb American. If I ever have to refer to one of them individually (which happens almost never) I just say “Ant and/or Dec” and people have to guess which one.

  2. Also… you love Steven Pinker, but how do you feel about David Crystal? He was always my heart-throb when I studied linguistics, though I don’t know if he’s very well known outside of the UK. His grammar books are still on my shelf, even though I haven’t studied linguistics since I was 18 🙂

  3. I love reading our blog! You exude bright happiness and an intense enthusiasm in life, thank you! Cyber-hugs from Brussels.. (and yes, you should visit Plitvice Lakes in Croatia!)

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