recipe for happiness;

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1 part corny nicholas cage movie from the eighties or nineties. bonus points if it’s “it could happen to you” or “raising arizona” and you spend the rest of your day saying “i want me one of them babies.”

2 parts mint carob rice dream “milk”shake. mix in two broken up halloween oreos. forget that it’s february and you’re kind of gross.

3 parts electric blanket, put at level 8, take a shower, put on your thickest socks and jump under that bad boy.

1 part elliptical workout with a paul simon playlist.

2 parts planning to go english country dancing on friday night with bffz.

1 part apartment dance party dj’d by one of miss moss‘ playlists. my favorite songs on these playlists? velvet elvis (from “electric spring”) everywhere (from “through the jungle”) and wood (from “sunlight on your eyelids”).

mix all ingredients together, bake under electric blanket. repeat til satisfied, or you’re too tired from dancing around your apartment, whichever comes first.


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