i seem to have my most vivid daydreams while on the elliptical. usually it pertains to what song i’m listening to, and it usually ends up with me on a road-trip with paul simon to graceland. or playing a trombone with paul simon. basically, paul simon makes up most of my daydreams. i have no regrets over this fact.

but recently, i’ve gotten a wee bit obsessed with this song:

because it usually involves daydreams of people approaching my elliptical and giving me high-fives and telling me i’m awesome. and then paul simon comes in. and we have a dance party.

which is really all any 20.9 year old girl needs, right?


One thought on “high-fiving;

  1. I can totally relate to exercise fantasies. That sounds way dirtier than it actually is. Mine are usually related to people being stunned by my (nonexistent) singing skills at a karaoke bar when I do an amazing rendition of whatever song is playing on my iPod.

    You have a b-day coming up?! Sounds like we’ll need to have a celebration…

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