for my #janphotoaday click here.

1. your view. 2. words. 3. hands. 4. strangers. and then picasa made me want to rage. so please excuse the deluge of photos.

5. 10 am. 6. dinner. 7. button. 8. sun.

9. front door. 10. self portrait. 11. makes you happy (jane and her scarf-finding skillz). 12. inside your closet.

13. blue. 14. heart 15. phone. 16. something new (petsi’s pies!)
                                        17. time. 18. drink. 19. something you hate to do. 20. handwriting.
                21. where you work. 22. a favorite photo of you. 23. shoes. 24. inside your bathroom closet.

25. green. 26. night (riesling at a french restaurant, camera broken!) 27. something you ate. 28. money. 29. something you’re listening to.

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